Pablo Medina Uribe

Writer/journalist in NYC/Bogotá

I write articles, sometimes books. I care too much about football (the soccer kind), politics, music and maps. I like doing multimedia and interactive things. I write in English, Spanish and Italian.

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Al Jazeera

Denouncing Ayahuasca Rituals Led by Outsiders | Al Jazeera America

Denouncing Ayahuasca Rituals Led by Outsiders | Al ...

Indigenous soccer colombia article
Al Jazeera

In the Americas, soccer goes native

Indigenous communities from all over Latin America are expressing their identity in an unprecedented soccer tournament.

World cup fans colombia preciado article
Al Jazeera

Colombia: A consolation for horrible election choices | Al Jazeera America

32 fans: World Cup helps brings joy to Colombians despite hopelessness in presidential candidates...

Open uri20160823 7482 1s053x6 article
Al Jazeera

Amazon leaders and academics denounce ayahuasca rituals led by outsiders

But controversial Argentine evangelist for the hallucinogenic drink says plant doesn’t belong only to indigenous people...